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So there we are in 2021 and like so many others we are sitting there thinking "Are we f#$%$^?" Are we going to lose our livelihoods to the dictates of overreaching government? We came to THE BRUTAL TRUTH!

We each have to forge our own path!

We would not and will not comply with government edicts not supported by constitutional authority!

So here we are trying to sort through the bull#^%$ that is American political discourse. Sounds awful right?

Well, yeah but no because we keep it simple. 

THE BRUTAL TRUTH operates like this: 


  1. Don't be an insufferable prick, unless they deserve it. 

  2. We support your right to say whatever you want.. you know like the first amendment (duh) of the UNITED STATES OF GODDAMN AMERICA... However, that does not mean we should be compelled to serve EVERYONE and be forced to create products we believe are f#^&!@ up. 

    So, here are the rules:

  • We will not print anything asserting the superiority of any race. SEE RULE 1 

  • We will not print anything asserting the superiority of any sex. SEE RULE 1

  • No calls to violence. SEE RULE 1

  • No encouragement or normalization of the exploitation of children, in any manner. 
    SERIOUSLY, SEE RULE 1!!! Then turn yourself in.

  • We will not print anything that would otherwise be illegal, like unverifiable assertions about private citizens that could fall under libel violations. 

  • We will not print anything directly proclaiming guilt or innocence of defendants regarding ongoing court cases.

3. We have our political leanings, yes. But we also understand that there is corruption and bad behavior all over the place and we are very likely missing stuff. Lets call it out together and find a way forward. Treat us with respect and we will be happy to work with people of different political leanings as long as they do not openly advocate for our cancellation, imprisonment, segregation from society, or deaths. 

4. We believe strongly that if you are going to do something then do it right. That means quality every single time and if we mess up we commit to making it right. 

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