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What you should know about us

So there we are in 2021 and like so many others we are sitting there thinking "Are we gonna be up a creek?" Are we going to lose our livelihoods to the dictates of overreaching government? We came to A BRUTAL TRUTH!

We each have to forge our own path. 

So, we started this business to give us more options and spread our values. In time, we hope to grow and provide products that help liberty minded folks like us express themselves and help their communities and businesses thrive.

To that end, please peruse our store as we add more and more products for your enjoyment. If you have more specific needs in mind such as custom T-shirts, vehicle wrap designs, signs, window vinyl, wall graphics, or floor graphics we want to serve your needs. We are a small shop aiming to be better and better everyday. For you, that means we have the flexibility to work one on one to really determine the best path forward to satisfy your individual needs.  

We strive to earn your respect and business. 


Wichita, Ks


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